2015 – My first update

We are well and truly into our first two months of 2015 (what the frig), time is most definitely not slowing down! So, I figured it would be a good time to share what one of my main goals is for 2015 and also post my first update on where I’m at with it all!

At the end of 2014 I honestly felt like I was finally in a good place to put one of my goals I’ve had for a verrrry long time into action… I decided I wanted to compete. Now, before everyone pops questions about how ‘you shouldn’t feel the need to compete’ and ‘what is it going to do for your health’, I think its important to remind ourselves that everyone is different, everyone has different goals and everyone has come from different places. Now for me, competing has always been something I have admired and wanted to commit myself too at one point in time. But as I mentioned, it wasn’t until the end of last year that I seriously reflected upon my health, current situation and commitment that I realized I could do it and I WANTED to do it… SO, goals into action, I did my research for a few weeks and ended up hiring a coach (mostly for accountability and to relieve a bit of possible future stress) and chose a suitable federation. Both of which I am beyond excited about at the end of the day!

You’re probably thinking, COOL, Schae is just going to blog about her life and how awesome she thinks her bikini is going to look (which it is) BUT, that’s really not why i’m here on a Sunday morning typing away at my computer… I’m here because I want to share, as brutally honest as I can, the reality of having a time consuming goal and trying to balance life and relationships at the same time. I’m here because I want to relate to you, I want to show you a side of this fitness world that people are too afraid too admit sometimes. Every single high and low, I’m choosing to put it on display! I feel both excited and nervous about the whole thing in all honesty haha…

Okay so before I get down to my first couple of weeks with my coach, I wanted to pop some things down that will help in understanding the way in which I have decided to undergo prep, the federation I have chosen and why and also some small details that might even help YOU (costumes and such). If you want any of these contact details or simply want to know how I sourced them, PLEASE leave a comment or send me an email and I shall share all finer details!

Coach: Ryan Doris from De Novo Nutrition.

Federation: WBFF Fitness Diva. The WBFF is an untested federation and I have had a lot of questions about if I’m using something/if I’m worried the other competitors are, the short answer to both these queries is, no.

Dieting: I am currently using IIFYM and intend to throughout my whole prep. This is purely because I find it the easiest way for me to lose weight. I have no restrictions and I don’t feel obliged to eat a certain way to get lean. In saying this, I do eat a diet focused around whole foods and find myself eating more than the recommended fruit and vegetables on a daily basis because this is what my body and mind feels best on.

Training: Strength/Hypertrophy split with 2x Auxiliary sessions.

Bikini: Blissfit Bikinisl, Canberra based.

Themewear: Bronwen Stead for my wings, who has been extremely helpful and is currently travelling around with Dana Carmont’s Bikini Tour, SO GET IN TOUCH! 🙂

My first week check in.

photo 1 (2)

Weight: 55kgs

Waist Circumference: 68.50cm

Macros 5X per week: 120g P, 235g C, 53g F

Macros 2X per week: 120g P, 298g C, 46g F

Cardio: Nil

Before this was new years, I was only counting a few times a week to ensure I was eating enough and I was training on a upper/lower body split with 1-2 days off per week, no cardio.

My fourth week check in.

photo 2 (2)

Weight: 54.2kgs

Waist Circumference: 66.50cm

Macros 5X per week: 120g P, 215g C, 53g F

Macros 2X per week: 120g P, 288g C, 53g F

Cardio: 10, 15 sec intervals on machine of my choice spread over two sessions. Total of 20 min in week.

As you can see my weight has literally gone down by 800g, which is virtually nothing! But physically, my waist has lost 2cm and the top area of my back has started to lean down slowly. I could be disheartened about this, or I could truly trust the process and keep moving along in the right direction under my coach… I 100000% choose option number two haha. When you are literally doing everything down to a tee and finish the day knowing you have worked extremely hard, its impossible to get SO disheartened about something like the scale. Stressing over your lack of weight loss is only going to raise your cortisol levels (stress hormone in our body), and we all know stress during this process actually makes it harder to shift those grams/kgs! R.E.L.A.X!

I have been having dinner with my family, going out for breakfast with friends and even having an alcoholic drink if I feel like one. This is ultimately what I’m talking about when I say I want to balance my goal with LIFE! I am still able to fit foods and situations into my every day life that I LOVE while working towards a body composition goal that requires me monitor what goes into my mouth. I am having a latte everyday with sweetener, I am finishing my day with a Le Rice (please sponsor me, Yoplait), eating my favorite Lindt dark chocolate (again, sponsorship’s welcome) and simply enjoying the foods that I am forever going to want to eat because life is too darn short not to preach health and balance!

In the time I have been surrounded by this ‘fitness phenomenon ‘, I have noticed that whatever you do and how you do it, it will always come under scrutiny from others. This is why I will always say, do what works for you and never second guess yourself because someone has an opinion. If you’re at peace with your decisions, listen to their opinions, listening doesn’t always mean taking everything on board. This is my choice of the ‘competing process’, this is my choice of how I am going to balance my relationships, this is how I’m going to eat for my own health and this is the mind frame I am going to have throughout the process. I am healthy, I will continue to be healthy and I will reach my goals with not only mine, but my family and friends interests as well…

I want to end this first blog post in a way that helps you to reflect on certain aspects of life. I want to encourage you to not only think about yourself when you choose to undertake goals (fitness related or not). Your family and true friends will forever be there but it doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that in any circumstance. You’re number one, but they make up so many parts of your character and happiness!

Welcome to my journey.

Schae X

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