Finger Lickin’ Basil Pesto

First recipe post for the blog so I decided to share one of my all time favourites, Basil Pesto! More often than not, when you find this in the supermarket aisle it literally has a million and one useless ingredients, USELESS. Healthy is simple and simple is healthy, always remember that!

I have made this millions of times for my family and myself and everyone has loved it so much they are literally using all 5 fingers to scrape their bowls at the end (bunch of animals, I know). As well as being easy, this recipe is amazingly versatile! I have used it as a base on a chicken sandwich, as a dip, on top of pizza, eaten it straight from the bowl and used it as a face scrub (totally kidding, but add me on Snapchat if you do). The best way to use it in my opinion though, is in a big, fat bowl of pasta! Chuck some sun-dried tomatoes and feta in and you will be on the floor rolling around in a Mediterranean food coma. If you’re a wog like me and my Dad (Hi Pa), add some chilli and olives too, freakin’ yum. If you are looking for a lower carb option though, I have indeed tried it with zucchini noodles and still enjoyed it alllot. GET COOKING!

photo 4

Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking time: Nil

Serving suggestion:  8-10 serves depending on what you’re using it with. This amount will work with a full two packets of pasta.


1 really big bunch of basil, 2 if they’re small

1 lemon – remember to pick the seeds out unless you want someone to vomit when they chew through a pip

150g nuts of your choice – both cashews and almonds are amazing instead of the traditional pine-nuts! Cashews make it creamier and almonds just give it a whole different flavour, don’t be afraid to experiment!

100g Parmesan – I personally use the extra sharp type purely for flavour

4 big tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil melted, ONLY if you prefer the flavour (read my side note at the bottom as to why I recommend it this way)

1 whole egg – you won’t even taste this I swear.  I have fed it to someone with a high gag reflex of raw egg and watched them intently for some entertainment, no vomit… P.S don’t hate me if you’re reading this, Ryan.

photo 2


Brace yo’ selves…Place all ingredients in a bowl and smush it all together with a hand blender/food processor or nutribullet! I was not shitting you when I said it was easy.


photo 3

Perfect recipe for a Sunday night dinner or even as your meal prep for the week! Remember to tag me in your photos if you experiment, @beyonschae (yeah, you read correctly).

Okay, now off to pop on my face mask… I mean, eat some pasta…

SIDENOTE: Food fact bomb for ya’ll… In my opinion coconut oil yields no extra health benefits IN THIS RECIPE. Coconut oil doesn’t change its chemical components when you cook it at high heat making in the preferable source when you are oven roasting, for example. Since we are not cooking this recipe at all, I’m only going to recommend coconut oil if you truly prefer the taste. Olive oil and any other oils for that matter are not going to turn you into an unhealthy grease monkey (unless you roll around in it, of course).

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