Update – Week 5

Hellooooo all!

Before I get down to the update of my week and how I checked in yesterday with my coach, I just wanted to say a big, big, BIG thank you to everyone who has read, commented, shared and messaged me about my first few posts. It hadn’t quite sunk in about what I was doing until my site reached 230 views the other day. Now I know you’re all like, “Schae, srs, 230?’… BUT to me, this was freakin’ huge! I legit messaged my mum to share my excitement (Hi Ma). I really did just start this blog as a place where I could keep my friends and family in the loop so to receive this much positive feedback has been slightly overwhelming (in a really good way, mind you). I truly do mean it when I say thank you, from the bottom of my fun-size heart.

NOW, down to the fun stuff!


Weight: 53.8 kgs

Waist Circumference: 66.50cm

Macros 5X per week: 120g P, 195g C, 47g F

Macros 2X per week: 120g P, 250g C, 41g F

Cardio: 10, 15 second intervals with a 1min 45 second recovery split into 2 sessions. I used the spinner bike this week and probably will for the remainder of my prep.

This week was really good minus a few rough patches. I did a few extra activities that weren’t on my weekly training list, Bikram yoga (AKA hell), walked my puppy and played netball, so I’m not really surprised that I had a loss. This week and for the first time on my prep, I went over my macros… by a quest bar (cue, all hell breaking loose). I sat down on the couch one day after I had taken the last bite of my food and realized that my stomach was still rumbling, so I followed my instinct and ate some more food. Yes, I ate more food (Doris, plz forgive me <3). And guess what, I ate that delicious, warm, raspberry white chocolate quest bar and I DIDN’T DWELL ON IT! Wait what?! Uh Huh Honneeeey, you heard me. Life went on as normal and I went to bed one quest bar fuller. The next day was normal, the day after that was normal and I am still here typing away, 400g less in weight, despite that one day I went over my macros. Fancy that, huh! Remember how I talked about consistency in my last post? Yah, this is what I mean. I encourage everyone who is on their own personal weight loss journey to try and adopt this attitude and way of thinking when they ‘slip-up’. It is not an all or nothing situation. If you eat that quest bar it doesn’t mean you should buy a box of Krispy Kreme traditional glazed donuts (drool) and see how many you can eat in 15 mins… Film it if you do though.

photo (1)

Those tongues though.

One thing I realized at the end of this week besides how delicious quest bars actually are, was how easy it is to get caught up in the notion of ‘am I going to be ready in time’ or ‘am I really going to lose enough weight to be up on stage’. It’s something that you are faced with internally every single day that you decide you’re going to prepare for a competition or lose weight by a precise date. This was me one day this week and explains my few ‘rough patches’. I physically had to make myself look at images from day 1 to that day to remind myself of how hard I’m working and remind myself that its okay to face some negativity along the way. It’s normal. We just need to learn the ways in which to deal with these types of situations, which brings me to the best analogy you have ever bloody heard…Brace yo’self…

Look at negativity as a road-block. We need to find a way to deal with this road block that works for US. The motorbike will go around this block (maybe another person you know), the hummer will drive straight over it (someone who has previously dealt with this situation and knows how to face it this time round, in other words our end goal) and the car (this was me)that has to find ways to get around it so we can learn how to tackle it next time. Acknowledge that sometimes you’re going to be the hummer, sometimes your’e going to be the motorbike and sometimes you’re just the plain ol’ car. Find a way to deal with being all three! Look at photos, read some quotes, get some sunshine, go for a walk, ANYTHING that individually works for YOU and eventually turns you into the badass black hummer that Kendall Jenner owns at the age of 15 (to make you feel better about your Hyundai Getz at 20… nope, okay, just me). I know the next time I’m faced with this similar situation of self-doubt, I can literally look through my photo album or look at my training tracker and I’m easily level headed again, see, Hummer. Negativity is inevitable, so learn from every single situation and apply it to the next one.

photo (2)

What worked for me that day ^

Anywho, hope you enjoyed my butt. Until next time…

Schae X

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