Update – Week 6

Aloooha everybody!

& happy Valentines to you all! Hope ya’ll enjoyed the day and received some roses and chocolates (totally counts if its from yourself).

I had a really freakin’ good week. Really good. So, this one is going to be short and sweet just to update everyone on my progress and give you some insight into what I did this week!

First things first… This weeks stats!

photo 2

 Weight: 53.2

Waist Circumference: 64.50cm

Macros 5x per week: 120g P, 195g C, 47g F

Macros 2x per week: 120g P, 250g C, 41g F

Cardio: 16, 15 second intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest time on the spinner bike.

Yes, before anyone wants to point it out… I am aware I am in different lighting this week! This is because I was down at the coast loving life when I checked in with my coach. It is also at a different angle because I had another person there to take photos whereas I usually just put it on Timercam (holla at me all those pro selfie takers, Idk how you do it). It is a little hard to compare from last week because of these reasons but hey, I’m not always going to be in the same place when I take these photos, as convenient as it is, so instead I’m going to look at the weight drop and trust there is a noticeable physical difference. I told myself from the beginning that just because I have chosen to compete and get into a real serious (hardly romantic) relationship with the gym, it wasn’t going to stop me from going anywhere! Weekend trips, parties, mooseheads (totally joking), brunch dates, dinners dates, actually any food dates, ANYWHERE! This weekend was a perfect example of what I set out to do! *insert Happy by Pharell*

 I had one of my best friends engagement party (Hi Case, love you)

photo 5

 Then went straight from there down to the South Coast for two days! (see top photo for best Toyota impersonation)

photo (5)

If getting out and about scares you when you set some goals in regards to your body composition, I really encourage you to reflect on how you are going about them. Its so important to remember to set maintainable goals, realistic goals and goals that leave you filled with as much joy as possible at the end of the day.

On top of all that… I HAD MY FIRST POSING SESSION! And boy oh boy, it was really darn fun (minus how sore my calves are from wearing uber tall heels). I was lucky enough to be able to join in with Jenifer Lee’s group of girls all competing in the next 12 weeks and I seriously learnt so much from just one session. If anyone is looking for someone to help them with their posing/stage presentation, hit Jen up! Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging to be around!

photo 1 (1)

 Uber tall heels and still the shortest in the room by 7cm… (still sassy tho, right?)

Can you see why my week was just amazing/refreshing/fun? Yah, definitely finished the weekend off with a big, fat smile on the famous Zarew chubby face!

Hope everybody had a good week/weekend as well! This week I’m going to post my part 2 in my 3 part series SO, keep an eye out!

Until next time, all my love, Beyonschae… I mean, Schae, sorry Schae Zarew X

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