Update – Week 7

Well, this week definitely had more downs than ups! First things first (I’m the realest, lol, couldn’t help myself sorry), this weeks stats are below!

photo 2 (1)

Weight: 52.8kg

Waist Circumference: 64.50

Macros 5X per week: 120g P, 170g C, 47g F

Macros 2x per week: 120g P, 225g C, 41g F

Cardio: 16, 15 second intervals with a one min and 45 second rest period. I did these on the spinner bike again over the course of two 16 minute sessions!

So, I know you’re all itching to hear about the downs of my week (don’t lie to me)… here we go!

To put it bluntly, training this week was so, so, SO off (milk that’s been out of date for a year off). I started the week beyond excited because my three big compound lifts (bench, squat and deadlift) were all increased in frequency to 2 times per week. Come Tuesday when I went to hit my deadlifts though, 115kg, the weight I did the previous week no dramas, felt so freakin’ heavy! Got all my reps/sets out (plus some extra sets of throwing my belt to the ground in anger) and then moved onto bench. I had to lower it by the 2.5kgs because I would hit a sticking point every damn set on the 4th rep, mhhhm, frustrating shit. Did my hypertrophy exercises and basically ran out of the gym (and ya’ll know I don’t run). Flash forward to Thursday, squats. I went in with a really good frame of mind because I decided to write Tuesday off as a bad session. 3rd set in, strained my back. That was literally me done, went home, played netball and went to bed thinking ‘Okay, another shit session but there is always tomorrow, right?’… Woke up and my back was really sore so this is when I had to do some thinking in regards to the rest of my week. I decided to go to the gym for my deadlift/bench combo day just to see how it felt. Pulled some warm up sets and it felt okay so tried to do a set of 100kg. Stepped up, pulled one rep. The heat pack for the next few days became my bffl. I filled in my weekly feedback sheet this week for my coach and there was not one set on my big lifts filled out for my AMRAP. Not one. photo 1

Did demolish a solid arms session though.

Remember the saying ‘It takes a bad day to appreciate the good’… Yeah. This week to a tee! I ended this week with my skin shithouse, 3 break outs when I usually have none. I was silently stressing over the weekend that I wasn’t spending enough time with my puppy. I wasn’t nourishing my body with adequate vegetables and fruit. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I didn’t stretch or foam roll once. I didn’t take enough time to zone out at the start and end of each day. I didn’t take my creatine consistently. I didn’t get outside enough (crucial for me). I spent too much time on my phone. My eyes were red and strained. I was exhausted. All the important little important things and I forgot every single one of them… Spiral effect, bad. I got so caught up in the training aspect of this process that I forgot about the little things that make these sessions doable and enjoyable! For a whole week, I admit, I was completely out of touch.

Why is it then that I wouldn’t change the past week for the world…

Now is the part where you are all like, ‘WTF Schae?’… But let me explain.

This week was a MUCH needed wake up call for me. A wake up call to remind me that healthy is so much more than being physically aesthetic, its a big combination of so many things. Your mind, your attitude, your skin, your stress levels, your behavior, the way you carry yourself, treat people, everything! Start forgetting one, two or in my case nearly every single one of them and it creates a ripple effect in your life until you reach a point where you go okay, something is not right. For me this took a small injury to realize all these things and just how exhausted I was. When I look at it like that, I’m extremely grateful! Grateful because it presents me with an opportunity to work on all these things at the start of a fresh week and get myself back to my full potential of ‘health’ both physically and mentally. And I kind of like that.

photo 3

Woke up, no makeup, unwashed hair day 4 *insert Law & Order music* and got smiling!

So I got an extremely solid 9.5 hours of much needed sleep last. I woke up and made myself a breakfast that made my heart SO happy. I took my puppy for a walk and gave her a treat. Washed my hair (girls you know the feels) and decided to wear no makeup. I got my favourite coffee and headed to the gym for an hour to stretch and foam roll. I ate my lunch full of vegetables outside in a park. I sat under a tree for a solid hour typing out majority of this blog post (got pooped on by a bird, good luck right?) and now as I publish this for all of you to read, I am heading to the gym for a bit of a recovery session and will have an Epsom salt bath after. Gaht damn, you bet this opportunity has been seized!

photo 1 (2)

Left to right from top: Smoothie bowl made of almond milk, a shot of coffee, stevia, cinnamon, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, dry roasted almond and one piece of Lindt chocolate. My little baby, Kaia. My favourite coffee from my favourite shop. My giant turkey salad with spinach, capsicum, red cabbage, cucumber, corn, lemon juice and topped with mayo!

It truly does take a bad day/bad week/bad month to make you appreciate the good ones. But whats most important, it gives you the opportunity to work on whats making them negative. Let this be a reminder that every bad day is an chance to work on the next! Let it be a reminder to work on ALL aspects of your life everyday (yes, even the little ones)! Try your hardest not to let it get to a point where something major happens before you pick up that maybe you should spend time to recover, be nicer to people, stress less, wash your damn hair haha… You get my point! SEIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITY! 


Happy Monday everyone,

Schae X

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