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Welcome to my first official Recipes For Health post! I will aim to post one recipe per week under this title that I believe I have absolutely nailed on the head in terms of taste and most importantly, how it makes you feel! Can you tell I’m excited? Haha. Okay, to the fun stuff! This week I decided to really use my days off and create some food that I wouldn’t have time to do otherwise. Side note: I will quickly add in that a lot of you probably don’t know that I work on a 5 on, 5 off basis at a hospital and do 11.5 hour days! So when I say I don’t have time to make these things in the morning, it’s not because they’re time consuming, its merely because they really aren’t convenient for me to take in. Hence why I get experimenting on my days off! Anyways, I have popped down 3 freakishly delicious (and simple) recipes for you to try over the course of the weekend or even include in this weeks meal prep (you won’t be disappointed, promise!).

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Chocolate & Coffee Smoothie Bowl

*Recipe for one serve*

If you are like me and crave an instant energy fix when you wake up, this bowl is the equivalent of dating Ryan Gosling (yeah, that satisfying). It is super easy to make and the ingredients you can use are SO versatile! I do recommend adding stuff in that has a crunch though, so try things like dry roasted almonds, cashews, Lindt chocolate (never too early for chocolate), granola, banana chips, the list is endless! Take 5 minutes out of your morning, relax and slurp up this amazing mess.


– Around 160ml of Almond Milk (I use unsweetened but the honey almond milk would be amazing in this)

– 30g Banana (for thickness)

– 20g Protein powder (I used banana flavour)

– 1 Shot of coffee

– 1 Teaspoon of stevia/natvia/any sweetener


– 10g Chia seeds

– 10g Chopped dry roasted almonds

– 50g Strawberries

– 20g Sliced banana

– 50g (one square) 70% Lindt chocolate (80% if you’re hardcore)

– Sprinkle of Cinnamon


Blend all base ingredients in a blender of some sort (I used a Magic Bullet but anything will work), pour into a bowl, top with favourite toppings (ya’ll better add some crunch factor) & calmly devour with a mid sentence YUM (in my case, about three throughout duration of bowl).

photo (2)

Protein Crepes

*Recipe for one serving, approx 4 crepes*

Yes oh yes, this is 100000% food porn to both the eyes and the mouth. These are delicious, simple and surprisingly filling considering it takes maybe 2 minutes to inhale them. I made vanilla and cinnamon crepes with a banana and raspberry protein sauce (stuffed inside) BUT next time I would change the raspberries for strawberries as I didn’t LOVE the combo (and we deserve to love the combo, always). Again, super simple and you can really do what you like with them once you nail the crepe!


– 1 serve (40g) of the Masterchef Wholemeal flour (what I had on hand)

– 1 Whole egg

– 1 Egg white OR about 25ml if you have the carton of them

– 70-80ml Almond milk

– Lots of cinnamon

– 1 teaspoon of Sweetener

– 10g Vanilla protein powder


– 20g Banana protein powder

– 70g Plain Chobani

– 10ml Almond milk

– 50g Raspberries


1. Place all base ingredients in a bowl and hand mix until there are zero lumps and the mixture is runny.

2. Spray some coconut oil on the bottom of a pan and heat on a LOW TEMPERATURE.

3. Pour mixture into a small sized pan and slowly tip it to each side so the mixtures spreads (crepes are extremely thin so you want that nice, even, thin layer on the bottom).

4. Let it cook until the sides start to lift and then flip and cook for half the time.

5. Place on plate and roll it up while its hot so it already forms the cylinder shape.

6. Mix all ingredients for filling together besides the raspberries

7. Unroll the crepe, stuff it with the sauce on one side, pop on some raspberries, re-roll and repeat for the others.



San Choy Bow

*Recipe for a full 5-6 meals*

I figured I should probably add in one savoury recipe so people don’t think I’m rolling around in chocolate and fruit all day (only some days I swear). If you are around me a lot you will know this is my absolute go-to recipe if I want to make dinner or do a quick and easy meal prep for my lunches! It is seriously AMAZING. I have popped down all the vegetables and type of meat I use but feel free to add in or take out any that don’t sit well with you because this is another super versatile recipe.


– 1x Packet of Heart Smart Pork mince (beef is also amazing)

– 1x Quarter red cabbage

– Herbamere (seasoning for the meat, found in health food aisles)

– 1x Carrot

– 2x Red capsicums

– 2x Zucchini

– Shallots

– 1x Large packet of mushrooms (pre-sliced)

– 1x Large cucumber

– 2x Chilli (a must!)

– 1x Large lettuce (seriously suss out the lettuce aisle for one that has BIG leafs to pull off)

– 1x Packet alfalfa sprouts

– 2x Lime

– 1x Lemon

– Cottage cheese

– Soy sauce


1. Put meat and mushrooms in separate frying pans, both on low heat. Squeeze lemon over the pork/beef and coat with Herbamere while stirring. Let sit and stir every few minutes.

2. Pull apart and wash lettuce and let them sit there to dry.

3. Chop up all vegetables finely and pop on serving plates (like below) or if meal prepping just start popping it straight into the containers.

photo (3)

4. Once the meat and mushrooms are cooked, put everything out so people can make them as they go along! I find it easier to place all my vegetables and meat into a bowl, top it with cottage cheese and soy sauce AND THEN fill the lettuce cups.

5. Email me/tag me and tell me about how I’m the greatest thang since sliced bread.

* If you are meal prepping I find I end up using around 100g meat, 30g cottage cheese, 50g capsicum/red cabbage/cucumber/mushrooms, 20-30g carrot/zucchini and chilli/shallots/soy sauce all to my personal preference (which is a lot).

Go food coma yourselves,

Schae X

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