Update – Week 8

What a week… in a good way this time ’round!

This update is going to be short and sweet with lots of photos (ya’ll know I love photos)! I had an amazingly relaxing 5 days that allowed me to come back down to earth, rest, relax and re-focus my energy into all the right places!

This weeks stats:

photo (4)

Weight: 52.7kg

Waist Circumference: 64.00

Macros 5x per week: 120 P, 170 C, 47 F

Macros 2x per week: 120 P, 225 C, 41 F

Cardio: 24, 15 sec intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest and 5 mins rest after 6 which I did on the spinner bike again. I also had a 20 min MISS workout added in this week which was a 20 minute slow jog (it really made me miss running).

As I said, it was a super relaxing week. My off days from work fell on Monday – Friday so I made sure I took advantage of what I could in work hours while it was super quiet. I got to the gym and foam rolled/stretched for at least 30 mins every single day, went on lots of walks with my puppy, sat outside most mornings to eat my breakfast and enjoyed a skim latte from my favourite coffee shop every single day… R.E.L.A.X is seriously an understatement of my week (I ain’t mad about it either).

photo 3

 (Yet to find anyone who spells my name right on the first go… will marry the person who does)

On top of this, I had the most amazing workouts pretty much every single day! This week my coach didn’t give me certain numbers to hit (because of my back issues) but instead, percentages. So for example, Tuesday which is one of my deadlift days, I was told to complete my reps and sets at 75%… whatever that was for me! I worked my way up to my working sets and ended up pulling 100kg for my 5 sets of 6 and it was hands downs the best my form/back/everything felt since being on this program. On my second deadlift day I was told 85% working effort was the number I was aiming for. I pulled 115kg for 5 sets of 4 and again I could seriously not fault it! I felt so strong, so happy and so darn recharged! 

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Top to bottom, left to right: Found some decent lighting mid left sock application. Kaia channeling her inner Asian heritage (existent only to her). First try at pumpkin soup (keep your eyes out for the next recipe, wink). Coffee with my beautiful best friend.

 Until my next post… PLEASE recover as hard as you train everyone (if not harder)! It will mean a world of difference to both your physical and mental health, take it from me! I’m ready for some big changes this week… can’t wait to share them with you…

Schae X

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