Update – Week 9

9 Week check in and exactly 9 weeks out (60 days)! It’s starting to sink in and I’m both insanely excited and nervous at the same time (vomit nervous). First up, this weeks stats!

photo (8)

Weight: 51.9kg

Waist Circumference: 63.50

Macros 5X per week: 120g P, 150g C, 42 F

Macros 2X per week: 120g P, 200g C, 37g F

Cardio: 32,15 second intervals. I had two sessions with 12 intervals and one with 8. Between each interval I had a 1 min 45 second rest. 1 20 min MISS session, I jogged on the treadmill again!

This week was a really good week again with 1 rough day which I will briefly go over. I did a fair few random additional activities which probably contributed to my weight loss but they also weren’t out of the ordinary for me to do. I went for a walk up mount Ainslie and soaked up some sunshine and also went to Bikram Yoga Kingston on my first day off! So this rough day, Wednesday, I was seriously hungry. Like I would have probably eaten freakin’ anything besides Kaia. I ended up eating a little more at work and realized when I tracked the rest of my calories that I had 50 calories left for dinner. FIFTY CALORIES. You’re probably thinking ‘What the heck can you even make for 50 calories?’… I thought the same thing. I ended up making a pathetic egg white omelette smothered in sugar-free tomato sauce that took roughly 2 and a half bites to eat. It was bloody horrible and I legit licked the tomato sauce off my plate (…can somebody say desperate). Anywho, I made myself a tea and went to bed and woke up the next morning absolutely stoked that I had 1. Actually stuck to my macroutrients and 2. didn’t eat Kaia. One of those times where I was like BAM, take that old Schae!

photo (12)

 On my way to Bikram with my backpack! Yah, I’m that cool, you can say it…

 I also had posing this week again with Jen’s team from Canberra! Was amazing to be in that environment again with other girls and it made me super dooper excited because this week I am attending a workshop with Alicia Gowan’s! Alicia is another coach based in Australia that works with multiple girls from Canberra and is a WBFF pro. Will update with a million pics after Wednesday, guaranteed! photo (11)

Just over there… in the corner, by myself.

I am looking forward to this week although it is going to be crazy hectic! I have managed to pre-pack ALOT of my food this week including breakfast as I know I am going to be home late and will need some time to just relax. I am a creature of habit and have had a lot of questions about what I actually eat so here is a basic rundown of a typical day of food when I am at work

6:30am – Protein smoothie with banana/almond milk/shot of coffee/whey protein isolate and an omelette with cottage cheese and sugar-free tomato sauce

8:30am – Blueberry/acai fruit stick

10am – Regular sized skim latte

Midday – San choy bow with a packet of sunbites air ‘sweet n salty popcorn’. Green tea when I get back to my desk

2pm – Miso soup

4pm – Turkey salad, pumpkin soup and an apple.

5:30pm – Pre workout

Post workout – Caramel oats with vanilla protein powder, maple syrup and whipped cream

Post-post workout – Beef mince with asparagus/pumpkin/caulifower topped with pasta sauce and cheese

Dessert – Whatever macros I have left I will work with. Usually some berries of some sort or popcorn again (obsessed)

Sometimes I get the feeling that people think preparing for a competition on flexible dieting terms is like some ticket to the stage where you skip the hard parts… It’s really not I can assure you. I still have to meal prep every week, prioritize my work load in a day and bust my ass in the gym when I’m tired… prep is not easy regardless of what type of dieting protocol you follow. Don’t forget that! photo (13)

 Food ain’t always pretty but it is delish! Beef mince, asparagus, pumpkin, pasta sauce and cheese!

photo (10)

9 and 11 weeks to present a package I am super happy with. (SURPRISE, I’m doing ANB in Canberra too.)

Bring it on,

Schae X

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