Update – Week 10

Aloha EVERYBODY, and a big happy Monday to ya’ll! If you follow me on Instagram (beyonschae) you would know I had today off and was completely stoked about it. I am officially 8 weeks out as of Saturday and man oh man, I am so darn excited I could happy dance every time I think about it (sometimes do). I am SO happy with how I am progressing and am completely mind blown at the thought that in a few weeks I will look completely different again. Motivation at an all time high! Okay enough happy chat from me… lets look at this weeks stats!

photo (16)

 Weight: 51.5

Waist Circumference: 63.50

Macros 5x per week: 120 P, 150 C, 42 F

Macros 2x per week: 120 P, 200 C, 36 F

Cardio: 36, 15 second intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest and 2x 25 minutes MISS workouts. My HIIT this week as always was done on a spinner bike and my MISS this week was done on the stepper (watching YouTube videos, thank-you free WiFi)

This is literally only a 400g loss but honestly, when I look in the mirror at the end of the week, I am SO stoked with how different everything looks in comparison to the previous week. As long as my weight is slowly going down and I am happy with what I see, I will be cheering at the end of this prep!

photo 5 (1)

My baby delts from my leg session tonight… (LOL, I wish, shoulder sesh).

Now, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this or not… but I thought about it long and hard and came to the realization that I really did start this blog to offer the most realistic insight I could give while preparing for the WBFF! So here it is…

This week I had my first official ‘breakdown’.

And I really mean breakdown… On Tuesday night I hurt my back again and this time I knew it was something more than just a little niggle. I was on my last set of deadlifts for the night and on my second rep something just shook me. Shook me enough that I didn’t finish my sets and could hardly take the weights off the bar… I was in a lot of pain. So much so that I actually left work the next day and booked myself in to see a physio ASAP (big deal for me). It turns out that my lower three discs were extremely tight and simply wouldn’t work in unison with one another. I was prescribed multiple stretches that would allow movement back into the lower part of my back and actually woke up the next feeling like nothing had ever happened. I have been stretching, foam rolling and have become EXTREMELY cautious at how much I push myself and load onto the bar because at the end of the day, no PB is ever worth a broken back! I am happy to say I am slowly on the mend and my coach has altered my programming from here on out on a different protocol that adjusts to how I am feeling that day (you’re a champ, Doris).

photo 1 (4)

Friday night stretch was on the cards… who am I kidding, I took this photo cause I liked ma glootz.

Flash forward to Thursday (breakdown day)… I was back at work and honestly just had one of those days. After leaving work to head to netball, something was just not okay internally and I couldn’t put my finger on it… I didn’t feel like my usual self (and my usual self, if you know me is basically bouncing off the walls in smiles). I played netball, got in the car and just sat there. Literally just sat there trying to piece together my thoughts. The past 10 weeks I had NEVER felt like this, not even close! I ended up calling my partner (HI Ryan, love you) and you know how sometimes you call someone just because you need to vent but you still kind of avoid it till they ask… yah, in a nutshell. I ended up bawling my eyes on Bluetooth driving home (if you drove past me it would have looked hilarious, its okay if you laughed) and drove to his house and we just talked and talked and talked.

In that conversation I was able to get out what exactly it was that was getting me down… 1. I didn’t feel stimulated enough on my working days and felt like my mind was going to fuzz. 2. I was stressing about not being ready in time (silly, silly girl). And 3. I was surrounding myself with negativity without recognizing the toll it took on me. Top that off with a sore back in already hard circumstances and I could honestly see how I was pushed over the edge that day.

 * Would just like to add that I wouldn’t have been able to see these things if I didn’t have Ryan poking and prodding and asking me the questions I couldn’t ask myself. So the next time you feel like you want to speak to someone about your bad day or your bad week, do it. There is absolutely no shame in waving a small white flag to someone who genuinely cares. 

So after all the tears had settled and I pulled myself back together, we sat there and brainstormed about each thing that was mentioned above. Luckily enough, all of them were things that I could either change or work on to improve my situation. So for number one, under stimulation… I thought that by simply reading some material at work would be a good starting point. By material I mean lots of articles and reports that I am interested in and would help me build upon some knowledge of the health and fitness world. Also, Ryan suggested I apply for some internal jobs that would help me build upon some skills and set new challenges. Both of these I will be applying from here on out.

Number two, not being ready in time. THIS, after reflection was really damn silly and I don’t think I will question this again for the duration of my prep. I am in the gym doing my program and cardio to the highest of my ability every single scheduled day. I can’t think of a time where I have sat on that spinner bike for my HIIT training and not giving it my all (no word of a lie). I am putting my best food forward every day and dealing with my back issues the best I can and for that, I am so bloody proud. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder… Every day, do my thing… no stone unturned (my promise to myself).

photo (18)

Now the third… and this is a big one! Surrounding myself with negativity. This has been something that has been ongoing and I honestly couldn’t have recognized if I didn’t have such big goals. I am the type of person to be around people, negative people, and just take it on the chin. I always thought “Oh just because they’re a negative person doesn’t mean it has anything to do with me”. And yes, that’s still mostly the case. BUT, when I am already on such a crazy and important journey, being around people like that has started the bleed me to the bone of any energy I have left. I simply cant be bothered being around these people any longer, I refuse. People like this serve me absolutely nothing at the end of the day and only waste my energy trying to refocus on my own positive actions and behaviors. Ryan literally just asked me “Why?”… I had no answer. So, I am so happy to say, I have finally decided to remove it from my life and truly embrace the people around me who are positive, uplifting, truthful, supportive and all things loving and caring. THESE are the people that I want in my day-to-day life, not just in prep either! You guys know exactly who you are, you don’t need a name mention. I really appreciate every single one of you and appreciate the fact that after being around you, I do not leave with an ounce of negativity in my body. Ya’ll are the real MVP’s!

photo (17)

Not every day will be a good day and this week I really embraced that. These days teach us truly valuable lessons! They will teach you to reflect upon the things that bring you happiness in your present. They will teach you how to reflect upon the changes you need to make in order to bring happiness to your present. They will teach you how to appreciate the little things in your everyday life like those positive people and progress. And most importantly, they will teach you that a smile can and will follow after each time you are faced with a challenge.

photo (15)

I have a big week of blogging planned starting with tomorrow! I will be posting a full days worth of food in the life of flexible dieter deep in a competition prep and later this week a post about the ‘5 Things I Have Learnt So Far In Comp Prep’. Stay tuned…

Love… Shae/Shay/Sachet/Scahae/Sasha/Schae X

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