Update – Week 11

Hi hi everybody! Comp is fast approaching and I am currently 7 weeks out (eek)! So. darn. EXCITED!

Everything is officially sorted… flights, accommodation (thanks to my beautiful aunty), bikinis, tan, hair/makeup, you name it and I have organised it! So, all I need to do now is stick to my diet and training for the next 45 days (sounds easier than it is, trust me). Its getting real!

OKAY, this weeks stats!

photo 2 (7)

Weight: 51.4 kgs

Waist Circumference: 63.50cm

Macros 5x per week: 120 P, 150 C, 42 F

Macros 2x per week: 120 P, 200 C, 36 F

Cardio: 36, 15 second intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest in between. I split these over 3 sessions and do 12 intervals each time on the spinner bike. 2, 25 min MISS sessions which I did on the stepper both times this week and will continue to do so.

First of all, no breakdown this week (hurrrraaaah). Secondly, this week you can see my weight changed by 100g and that was all! I was expecting big things but sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan which is a little disappointing because I had a really good week. BUT, instead of getting down about it, I decided to compare two photos to keep the motivation up and put things into perspective… one from 10 weeks ago on an empty stomach in the AM and one from a week and a half ago on a full days worth of food in the PM. Both were taken in the same lighting, same spot, same tired face and same greasy hair.  Yuh, I guess you can say scale weight doesn’t really indicate my body changes in the nicest way considering I have only lost 3.5kgs on paper since my journey begun.

photo (23)

Always time for a lil reflection!

This week I also got my first leg hypertrophy session added back in after 5 weeks of just squats/deadlifts and damn, I was bloody excited! There is nothing I love more than some leg isolation and I really had a giant smile on my face through the pain on Saturday. Lots of hamstring and glute work which always makes me a happy chappy.

photo (21)

Hamstring or tumor… not sure.

photo 1 (7)

My fav spot in the house.

Anywho, this week I have off Monday – Friday but am super busy most days and will have to pack my food to keep myself from getting too hangry (legit). Will be posting about some of my changes and also what my food is looking like as my calories were lowered this week and I have had to make some smarter choices for satiety reasons.

photo 3 (5)

Not low enough to avoid my caramel oats, peanut butter, whipped cream and pancake syrup combination (yet, lol).

Have a really damn good week everybody, I mean it! One of the things this week that I tried to focus on everyday was putting my best food forward. Even if this meant taking it lighter for my back issues or cutting myself some slack when I was just not in the mood… for that day, it may have been the best foot I had on offer! And that’s enough for me.

As always…

Big slice of my love,


photo (25)

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