Update – Week 13

So… this blog post is a little behind, trust me, I know. But there is a part of me that really isn’t sorry about it and you will find out why. To begin with, stats!

photo 3 (6)

Weight: Annoyingly still 51kgs

Waist Circumference: 62.50cm

Macros 5x per week: Macros 5x per week: 110 P, 120 C, 40 F

Macros 2x per week: 110 P, 170 C, 30 F

Cardio: Cardio: 36, 15 second intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest in between. I split these over 3 sessions and do 12 intervals each time on the spinner bike. 4, 30 min MISS sessions on the stepper

It really is a bummer that my weight didn’t go down this week and being only 5 weeks out it can be truly disheartening sometimes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that A. I didn’t work hard or B. should let it change how I feel about my upcoming week. My goal for this week is to focus solely on the day as a whole and take it as it comes. I have no doubt I will give it my all every single day till I step on that stage and knowing that, regardless of where I place, my smile will light up that plane trip home.

Okay, onto my late blog post explanation. I would be growing a Pinocchio nose if I said this process or any date specific goal was easy. There is no if’s and but’s about it regardless of whether you ‘clean eat’, ‘flexible diet’ or whatever else people go by these days… shit can get real hard. My week was not an amazing one. I was just damn right exhausted and no amount of volume food could help with my hunger and energy levels (and ya’ll know I can volume food well). Insert training hard every single day and you have a not so happy chappy Schae. I had the weekend off and found myself feeling just extremely run down and dealing with some headaches and honestly on Monday (when I usually blog), I found myself getting a massage instead. And you know what, I’m not really sorry about it (sorry though?, I don’t know). I needed to just be... be literally meaning, be in a room where everything is out of my control.

photo 2 (4)

Volume foods, always.

As much as you try to balance aspects of your life, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Whether its over the course of a few days like me or even a few weeks, something along the way unclicks and it becomes extremely hard to find that groove you were in that was working so well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling down about it either because I spent a solid hour having a conversation with someone about how this just isn’t me... maybe because I have never had something like this with a set date and extreme circumstances BUT something just didn’t feel ‘me’ anymore.

It’s so easy when you have a big goal in your life to get stuck in a sort of ‘tunnel vision’. There is no denying that the last couple months of my life have been spent planning around my workouts, calculating my food intake and spending more and more time in the gym as the date creeps closer. Pretty much a MUST when you face the reality of comp-prep you would agree, right? But when does that become a little bit too much for you to focus on every single day?… this is what I had to come to terms with.

It’s not that I went into this process with an unrealistic expectation of what was required, not at all. I think that it just becomes something that means a whole lot more to you when you surround yourself with it and work for it on the daily, hence why it becomes a sort of tunnel vision without you realizing it. In some cases, it’s not the worst case in the world if that’s just naturally who you are. But for me personally, I thrive on feeling healthy, energetic, balanced and all things loving and caring. THAT is me, and this process has become a bit of see-saw in the way that it has become a hell of a lot harder to juggle all of these things combined when you throw some extra requirements in the mix.

9f41c554e59861f2de278ac800019c02 (1)

This is not me ‘copping out’ nor it is defending why I simply took some extra time out to retrace my footsteps…

This is me being exactly what I promised to be, honest. This is me sharing exactly what I promised to touch upon going through this process, both the highs and lows. And this is me explaining to you that we will all slip up… make a mistake… take a couple of steps backward at some point in life! But guess what…

These are the things in life that test us, teach us, build us and show us new ways to deal with taking the initial step forward to wherever you want to be, whether you’ve been there or not! (that in itself is kind of really cool)

The past week has taught me that it really is easy for lot of little things to accumulate and throw you in the wrong direction… actually, not even the wrong direction… just a direction that is not optimal for you to be in at that point in time. And this is especially the case if you have an extremely specific goal. I’ve been able to take a breather and identify how I can work on the little things to get me back in the loop of ME. Which in a way, makes me grateful for a week that fell way too short of amazing.

If you find yourself on a path that you don’t want to be in, don’t get into the mind frame of being in a rut. I encourage you to think about a few things like your goals, your values and most importantly, who you want to be as a person. If they conflict, you know you have some reflecting to do about which path you are on, which path you want to be on and which path you should be on (perhaps in the form of a massage, wink wink).

Here’s to a new week,

Schae X

photo (12)

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