Update – Week 14

Howdy ya’ll!

Hope we are all having a nice start to the week. I am back at work today which means back into the long days and routine of it all! Food is prepped, week is planned out & I am damn excited! I am super dooper happy to say that my week last week was one of the best I’ve had so far and I think my check in reflected that (finally got a scale drop, hurrah). So, lets look at the stats:

photo 5 (2)

Weight: 50.5 (500g down, I will freakin take it haha)

Waist Circumference: 62.00cm

Macros 5x per week: Macros 5x per week: 110 P, 100 C, 32 F

Macros 2x per week: 110 P, 150 C, 20 F

Cardio: 36, 15 second intervals with a 1 min 45 second rest in between. I split these over 3 sessions and do 12 intervals each time on the spinner bike. 4, 30 min MISS sessions on the stepper.

Finally, a drop haha. I know you cant count on the scale, especially in my case as my body composition has completely changed BUT it is nice to see a change in numbers. I don’t think I’ll be at the conditioning that I would like to be at come comp day but I will most definitely step on that stage knowing I have worked extremely hard to be there! And that in itself, will be a really cool feeling regardless of how I look.

A little overview of the week and weekend… I was at work all week and had from Friday – Tuesday off this roster with a super busy weekend planned! It was my best friend’s birthday on the Saturday, I booked in to get my nails done (actually feel like a real girl now) and I also had my competition makeup and hair trial (will post details below), so I structured my day to train in morning. It was my hypertrophy legs day and I absolutely killed them so much my hamstrings are still a little tight today. If there is one thing people find weird about me (lol, one? yeah right), its that I absolutely LOVE to smash a legs session. If I were to pick one thing to train for the rest of my life… it would be legs 100000%! Its ma jam. Anywho, trained and had to race home to eat and shower before the beautiful Alyssa Kirk from Alyssa Maree Makeup Artistry came over to trial my makeup for competition day!

Alyssa is based in Canberra but is travelling up to QLD for the show as she has some other clients competing from the ACT which made her a perfect pick for me as I wanted to test out the look I wanted for the day. All in all, Alyssa was beyond amazing (my mum loved her too, good sign) and seriously nailed the look I wanted 100%. She was super professional, explained why she was using different products, helped out with tips for the day and was just a really down to earth person. Highly recommend her work for your own comp or even for special occasions! You can contact her on Facebook simply by searching by her business name (Alyssa Maree Makeup Artistry) and she is super speedy with replies (winner).

photo 1 (11)

photo 2 (10)

Loved loved LOVED my eyes!

So for this upcoming week, my macros have been dropped again and I have had to become a little creative in the food department with lower calories! I have decided to do a post later in the week on what I have prepped and what has changed this week to give a little bit of insight into what food looks like 4 weeks out (yeah, 4 weeks out… gulp). AND, my bikini should be in this week as well as my shoes so I will happily post images of those on the bloggy once I have them in my little (kid size) hands! I’ve also decided to incorporate some F45 training into my weekly schedule as I did my first session at the Canberra City facility and really enjoyed it! For those of you who haven’t been or don’t know what F45 training is, I encourage you to head to their website and have a browse at what they offer. In simple though, its team based circuit training with a certain amount of working time/rest time at each of the stations for a 45 minute time period (which feels like 20 mins). It’s fun! And completely different to what I’m used to doing so I think that’s why I loved it. Which reminds me…

You know what you should do this week? TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Something completely out of your comfort zone and see how you feel after. You never know if you enjoy something until you try which is why its important to never let the fear of embarrassment or failure keep you from finding new hobbies or even passions. Be invigorated this week! Go for a rock climb, an ice skate, play some damn frisbee (any other frisbee fans out there still?), anything! Promise you will feel awesome after (unless you like, fall off the rock climbing wall).

photo 4 (6)

Got to look after this little chubba by myself this week. Half shat my pants when I offered, half jumped for joy. Legit asked myself, “how the frig do I baby?”. Lucky Alana was basically an angel sent from heaven… (serious, one cry).

Until my next post…

Schae X

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