Life Lately

I have been stuck… For a damn day and a half.

This is my 7th draft that I have started and I have literally glued myself to the screen in the bid to finish it. “Oh but Schae, if you’re not inspired, then don’t try and write.” I hear ya, little Schae on my shoulder (not actually sure if smaller than life size is even possible). That’s the thing though, I am inspired! I am the most inspired, refreshed, renewed person I have been in months! Take your eyes off my regrowth though, that will tell you otherwise.

Instead of rambling, because lets be real it will probably end up being about my dog, I’m going to fill you guys in with some dot points.

No promises it won’t end up about her anyways though.

  1. I have fully embraced life without my ‘calorie counter’ AKA MyFitnessPal

Back the frig up, I can almost hear my mum saying “Oh NO, she didddnnn’t”, oh yes Mother, I DID! I officially ‘unpaled’ MyFitnessPal and oh hot damn, it feels good. I have been meticulously tracking for the past 3 years to reach all sorts of goals. Most recently, as many of you know from my influx of photos of me half naked on stage, I utilised it to compete in my first fitness modelling competition. Before I go any further, please know that I bloody love the idea of tracking macros/flexible dieting when it is used appropriately (hint, hint… not eating like an asshole), especially in situations such as comp prep. It fully allowed me to incorporate different foods into my diet after many years of unnecessary restriction and increase my metabolic capacity likened to that of a growing 12 year old boy. BUT, here is when I am completely ready to get chased my pitchforks and fire breathing dragons (…Shrek, anyone?), counting day in, day out is mentally exhausting and sometimes unnecessary. After prep, counting every single morsel of food that went into my mouth felt like a chore… And not one of those chores that you start and then find yourself on a roll with, mind you. I couldn’t do it. I literally found myself resenting it, which is how I knew that something needed to change. The thought of not counting freaked me out, but the thought of counting also really shitted me off and I knew it wasn’t working for me. So, what did I do? I logged my sweet ass off calorie counter and vowed to learn my body’s own cues again. I know the nutritional content of foods, I know what I feel best eating, and I know when to utilize a large chunk of carbohydrates for effective performance… I just needed to give myself a chance to prove I don’t need an app to tell me that. Chance given, points proven, happy/healthy as hell Schae/Beyonschae/Schaylor Swift/Schake N’ Bake.

photo 4 (10)

Crispy Asian noodle salad with salmon, a staple.

photo 2 (17)

When you’re indecisive about your toast…

  1. I have decided I will probably (99.99999% sure) never compete in a bodybuilding competition again

Like, I’m almost tempted to put that extra 0.00001% there. When I first finished my first season, the coming weeks were filled with uhm’s and ah’s when I was questioned if I were to do it again. After about 3 weeks, once I seriously got my groove back in the gym again (probably helped I was pulling pb’s left, right and freakin’ centre), I decided the chance of competing again was extremely slim. Ultimately, I value my performance when I train waaay too much. Ya’lI know I absolutely LOVE lifting heavy… I’m pretty built for it being a small/compact nugget. Going through ‘comp prep’ and training in a deficit for many weeks didn’t allow me to do that at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was there squatting the 20kg bar, but it made me realize just exactly where my passion lies… And it’s not on that stage. It was fun, yes! But to be honest, the feeling of pulling a deadlift PB or hitting a heavy squat actually trumps any of the feelings I felt on either day at WBFF or ANB. Unfortunately, the way I am built and the way that I would have to diet to get to that lean again, it just wouldn’t allow me to fully perform AND stand on the stage. That’s what it comes down to for me. Which brings me to my next point…

  1. I have made the move to try Powerlifting

WAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAM. This needs no further explanation. First novice meet in September at PTC in Canberra and then depending on how I go, GPC Canberra Cup in October as a junior. I am coming for that 150kg deadlift, I feel in my stumpy legs.

photo (47)

This spot is legitimately happiness to me!

  1. I am officially apart of a really cool team… RUNAWAY APPAREL!

Who would have thought? Lil’ (quite literally) ol’ Schae becoming an athlete for an active wear brand! Runaway Apparel have just launched a fitness wear range and I am so happy that I get to be a part of it all. Not only are all the tops a super great fit and the tights make your butt look like you are the estranged daughter of the Kardashian clan (apart from Khloe, soz), they are super affordable! The tights below are $55 and tried and tested, squat proof. If you’re a Canberra local, they are having free Canberra delivery in the celebration of the launch of their website! Just pop in the code CBRFREEDELIVERY upon checkout, 10/10.


photo 5 (5)

  1. I tried Olympic Lifting… I’m hooked.

I finally did it. I have wanted to learn Olympic Lifting for flippin’ ever and I bit the bullet and decided it was time. I contacted Dave Nixon out at Func Fitness in Mitchell and he was more than happy to fit me in for a fortnightly Oly (yeah, we’re on a nickname basis now) session. My first two sessions I have been trying, keyword here, TRYING, to learn how to properly Clean and Jerk.

So. Darn. Technical. 

But so much fun! And I always leave with the biggest smile on my face because I am so stoked with learning something completely new to me (Dave is also pretty funny, you’ll like him). Which brings me to final point…

photo (46)


People say this all the time, I know. But take the step and actually do it and I promise you will be absolutely enlightened at what you can do/learn. It’s hard to accurately describe the feeling of stepping into something you are completely unsure of, strip down to the basics and challenge yourself to learn from square one. It’s really cool. So, over the next few months I plan to put myself in situations make me do just that so I can grow as a person and as an athlete.

Unless you seriously believe you are living your absolute dream and you couldn’t possibly work on expanding your knowledge anymore… Do not be content with your life. Sure, it’s completely okay to be content with parts of it, but overall, you should always be striving for progress. The next time you are faced with a difficult situation, remind yourself of the value of new skills and knowledge! Open your mind to opportunity, risk, chances… fear! Never forget to encourage others to do the same, either.

 Disclaimer: Unless they’re like you know, going for bicep implants or buying a cat…Especially the cat.

(Joking, kind of).


One of my favourite quotes in the entire world.

photo 2 (19)

With my beautiful friend, Amanda… Who as I go to type this, realized actually has cats. So, uhm, sorry Mandy ❤

What have you guys tried lately that has surprised you?… PG rated please… unless its after 3pm, then I’ll allow M15+.

As always, all the love from my inspired heart,


photo 1 (18)

3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Hey Schae,

    I really want to get into powerlifting, I just wanted to know if you had someone coaching you/writing up a program for your novice comp you are training up for or are you doing it all on your own?



    1. Hi Ashley,

      Firstly, awesome! Would love to follow your journey :). In answer to your question, I have a coach doing all my programming as I head into my first comp! I have never done a completely strength based program so I decided it would be better for me to source a coach that specializes in that area. He does all my programming online as I have been squatting/deadlifting and benching for a while now and I just do video form checks with him 🙂

      If you’re from Canberra I can put you in touch with some coaches that I do some face-to-face training with, just send me an email

      Schae X


    2. Hey Ashley,

      Not sure if this would interest you but thought I would let you know…
      The guys I train with at PTC are running a female only powerlifting training group limited to 2-4 in total 🙂

      There are 3 sessions per week! If you are interested or want any more info, let me know! 🙂


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