50 Things You Should Probably Know By Now

1. Look after your body, always! Look after it physically, look after it emotionally, look after it mentally, look after it INTERNALLY, just bloody look after it, kay?

2. Social media does not define you, period. You are not worth any more or any less based upon the amount of followers  or ‘friends’ you have.

3. If you buy followers, you need to get your life together. ASAP.

4. Realize that even people who appear transparent on these platforms, are picking how much ‘transparency’ they display.

5. Be yourself! I can’t even fathom that this has to be a point but it is so hard to come across someone who is genuinely themselves these days. They happen to be the ones you are most drawn too as a person, remember that.

6. Be objective. You are never right but you are also never wrong. Have the ability to look at things from an outsiders/oppositions perspective.

7. Food is food. It is not good or bad. The end.

8. In saying that, don’t eat like an absolute prick 24/7. Eat seasonally, locally when possible and enjoy all forms of fruits and vegetables.

9. Never feel guilty if you wash that down with some Ben & Jerry’s or a shot of tequila.

10. Find a positive in every situation – there will ALWAYS be one. Oh, that bird just pooped on your head? Great, means you have good luck for the rest of the day… Or so I’ve heard.

11. Read books. Like actual pages filled with small writing instead of celebrity news/images of Miley Cyrus swinging on a giant ball naked.

12. If you don’t read, listen to podcasts while you’re driving or just simply have it playing in the background at home.

13. Don’t avoid shit like gluten and dairy if you don’t have legit health problems involving them – you create them.


15. Get outside and move! Climb a mountain, go for a hike, take your dog for a run, let your dog take you for a run, anything! Get some air and take a breather, it works wonders.

16. Set goals – both small and big. Review/add to them every once in a while.

17. Spoil your parents on occasion, especially birthdays. They wiped your butt and let you pee on them once.

18. Try different things and keep doing the ones you enjoy!

19. … Actually stop doing the things you don’t.

20. Meet new people and be willing to let them in to get to know you regardless of how many ‘best friends’ you have. The greatest friendships can start unexpectedly.

21. Stop holding grudges. Especially against people who didn’t intentionally hurt you. Girls, stop hating ‘that girl’ who is now dating your ex a year later after he broke up with you, its poisonous.

22. SMILE… At everyone! If you make eye contact you have the chance to smile. I’m not talking a big, giant ‘I’m going to rob your first child smile’, just a little one is sufficient enough to make a persons day.

23. Don’t judge people purely based on what another person thinks of them. We are ALL different and mesh better/worse with different individuals. Don’t let someone sway your perception of someone before you even meet them.

24. Remove negativity before you go somewhere/start an activity – chances are its never as bad as you think.

25. If you’re legitimately sick, go home. No one wants you around. #notsorry.

26. Get a pet at least once in your life – preferably a dog. They are serious little rays of sunshine and love unconditionally.

27. Sometimes, love like a dog – Unconditionally.

28. Never, ever let your past relationships potentially affect one yet to blossom. They are not your ex, don’t treat them as if they are.

29. Ask yourself ‘why’. This is huge. The amount of times people do something for the wrong reasons is insane. Avoid this by asking yourself WHY.

30. If you’re butt hurt over a comment someone made, repeat 29. Do this objectively.

31. Carry a pen with you pretty much all the time. Ya’ll never know when you’re going to run into Ryan Gosling.

32. Wear comfortable shoes. There is nothing more UNcomfortable for someone when they have to watch you waddling around like you’ve sharted. Shoes are an investment.

33. Learn how to cook one or two AMAZING dishes. That way, when someone comes over you can wow them and then they wont complain when you make it again and again and again. A lazy cook can still be a good cook.

34. Appreciate good food and go out every once in a while to try different cuisines. You’ll not only enjoy it, but you will unintentionally learn by tasting different things.

35. Try foods if they’re there. You can’t say you don’t like something if you haven’t tried. Unless you’re allergic, then I retract this point and I shall not offer you any peanuts.

36. Enjoy a really good coffee and don’t ruin it by adding the math up in your head of how much you could potentially spend per year. Sip that latte, son.

37. If someone does the above and ruins it for you, never buy them a coffee again.

38. Stand up to greet people. Nothing shits me more when you walk up to someone and they just extend their hand whilst sitting. If I have to hold my hand above your head so you physically have to get up to reach… I probably won’t – I’ll just evil eye you and squeeze your hand extra hard. “Did I mention I can deadlift 140kg?”

39. Give credit where credit is due. Do not take away from others success, no matter how big or small.

40. Which reminds me of a big one – please for the love of god, do not be that jealous friend. We will seriously smell you like a pile of piss because you will never be happy when something goes right in our lives. If you are this person, please read number 29. Again, and again, and again.

41. Be aware of your surroundings and aware of different cultures. Adjust when need be.

42. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, walk through a busy place with your head in your phone. I will WWE coat hanger you.

43. Wear shorts that extend further than your ass cheeks. Please.

44. Go to concerts! Experience live music and appreciate different styles regardless of your personal preference.

45. Face SOME of your fears. In 2010 I went Bungy jumping to help cure my fear of heights and it actually worked… in 2014 I jumped out of a plane. It’s exhilarating.

46. Laugh, a lot. Simple.

47. Cut yourself some slack when need be. It’s not always as bad as it seems and there are many more years to find just exactly where your passion lies. A paying job is not the worst place to be in.

48. Also learn when to just toughen up and “eat some cement.”

49. Be thankful for something every single day. A bad day is not a bad life and you should never let yourself carry over negative feelings from a situation to the next day. Deal with it and move on.

50. Make memories with your friends, family and loved ones. Go on holidays if you have to, but little things like simply going out for dinner or hiking up a mountain at sunrise may just be the ones you end up cherishing most. Not every single one needs to be photographed but there is definitely a time and a place to take them. Don’t apologize for wanting to capture a moment.

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