The Blogger Behind The Blog

It has come to my attention that half of you probably have no idea who I am and would have no clue how to start a conversation with me in the street besides mentioning the word ‘dog’. So, today I decided to fill you in on 40 things that you may or may not know about me. I also decided to include the above photo so by chance, if you do see me on street with no makeup… you don’t mistake me for a slightly sick, half asian blonde girl.

Hope you learn something new!

1. I flippin’ love dogs. Especially medium size/large ones, they’re my jam. If you do have a small dog I won’t discriminate or say no to puppy cuddles, unless it barks a lot. Then they’re totally not my jam.

2. I drink a small sized skim cappuccino, 2 sweeteners and my favourite part is the froth, drool.

photo 1 (25)

3. I cannot stand loud chewing/open mouth chewing… at all. I literally trained my brother to not do it because every time he ate around me I shot him a dirty look that said I would do some Matrix type shit over the bench if I had too.

4. I love vitamin C tablets but only the Cenovis sugarless brand.

5. Creatine nearly makes me vomit… every damn morning.

6. There is not a single food I have come across that I dislike and wouldn’t eat. There is stuff like celery that I don’t choose to eat regularly (not even smothered in peanut butter), but if it were life and death, I’d down that stringy green stick.

photo 2 (25)

7. When I was younger, nothing could be touching on my plate. Not even the sauce.

8. I’m naturally sporty and have always been pretty good at most athletic things… Besides soccer.

9. My name is not short for anything. No, nup, nada – just Schae.

10. But my name did come from an actress from Bold and The Beautiful. Ta, Mum.

11. I am a super fast reader and yes, I do take in everything before you ask.

12. I have a slight obsession with Yoghurtland even though I’ve only been there twice. If you want to make me happy 1. Take me to Yoghurtland 2. Bring me Yoghurtland 3. Be smothered in Yoghurtland… wait, what?

photo (28)

13. One time I ate a kg of pumpkin in one day. Lol.


15. I’m a horrible dancer. I have no hips, no rhythm and resemble the Left Shark at the Katy Perry Superbowl performance.

16. If I have a few drinks you will definitely see these dance moves though. As soon as I drink, I legit think I’m Beyonce and gravitate towards the D floor.

17. I have played limbo with my best friend in the middle of Tongue & Groove in a dress. #neverforget2014

18. I’ve always had long term relationships.

19. I don’t have a ‘taste’ in music. I grew up listening to a whole range of stuff because my brothers went from Craig David to borderline emo (…can admit my own 2 month stage) then to Country all whilst my parents were playing Abba/Rob Thomas. Trust me when I say I’m cool with you playing heavy metal on a car trip.

20. I have two older brothers that I get along with really well. I actually traveled for a month with one of them because he is basically my BFFL and it was the funnest experience I have had to date! If we are together, get ready to be trolled.

photo 5 (10)

21. I never liked babies until my niece was born. I had never even held a newborn baby before Alana came into the world and now I make sure to visit her pretty much every week because she is just a ray of sunshine. Mission ‘be a cool Aunty’ is in full force.

22. All three of us kids were fat at one stage and my cheeks are still super chub. Even when I was leaner they were still there haha.

23. I was once a size 6, extremely self conscious and thought I was fat… I’m now a higher end size 8, lower end size 10, the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and couldn’t be more confident.

24. I’m 96% sarcastic a lot of the time. If I’m not being sarcastic around you then I’m probably not comfortable with you yet.

photo 1 (26)Photo is irrelevant but seriously, how could I not add this in.

25. I cannot have a cluttered desk or kitchen, it stresses me out.

26. For some reason this doesn’t apply to my room as it inhibits my clothing.

27. On that point, I am 100000% a clothes hoarder for 364 days of the year. The other one day, you can find me sobbing as I say goodbye to half my wardrobe.

28. I definitely have a resting bitch face. I am aware.

29. Please, for the love of your nose, do not ever speak really close to my ear. I cringe just thinking about it.

30. I don’t drink a whole lot of alcohol. I had my drinking years early so only drink on occasion nowadays and I’m totally cool with it and I’m also totally cool with you drinking when I’m not.

31. Breakfast is my favourite. ❤

32. I have no idea what I want to do when I’m older, only an inkling. I’ve always found it really hard to pinpoint my self to a certain career path.

33. I have lived in Canberra my whole life even though I hate the cold…

34. My dad taught me how to drive when I was 12, ride a motorbike when I was 10 and shoot a gun on the farm when I was 13. Tomboy/10.

photo 3 (19)

35. I had a super good upbringing and my Mum and Dad have always been the coolest parents I could ask for. Even when I was a little shit.

36. I have always wanted to own a cafe and have a horse someday. A horse cafe, perhaps? …………… BRB, getting loan.

37. I love cooking! If you guys want more recipes, hit me up!

38. I really couldn’t give two shits if you wear something that was $2 or something that was $200. Irrelevant.

39. I’ve never been good at maths and was always the kid with her hand up in class. I didn’t care though because that’s just how I learnt… So, I continued to raise my hand and ask the questions because I always wanted to do well.

40. I love company but I also REALLY enjoy being alone. And I like that about myself.

photo (50)

So, I guess what you can take away from this is… If you see me in the street, you are 100% guaranteed a happy conversation if you ask me about dogs or food…

Unless you speak closely into my ear.

As always,

(Not short for anything) Schae X

2 thoughts on “The Blogger Behind The Blog

  1. I love your raw honesty…hard to find these days…most people are about appearances…personally, I always say, “what you see is what you get…don’t look for anything else.”


    1. Thank you so much. For your comment, for reading, and for sharing that little quote with me! I love it.

      I think too often people focus on aesthetic’s and not enough on the things that actually make them, them. Whether that is kindness, or calmness, their loving nature or how they treat people… That’s the stuff that matters at the end of the day, in my opinion 🙂



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