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When I asked what you guys wanted to see most of the feedback was food, recipes, foodporn and what I eat…

So, today I’m talking about dogs!

Totally kidding (slightly heartbroken no mention though), today I’m going to give you a little review on some of the best finds I have found in terms of protein bars, protein powder and general food products that saved my skinny ass in comp prep or AKA gremlin Schae mode.

First up, protein bars.

I know people say they only eat these at convenience but I call BS. Protein bars are flippin’ delicious and I have no problem admitting that I could definitely be up for an intervention any day this month. I have listed my top bars in terms of flavours, textures and have also popped down where to find them!


The Bar Counter

These little bastards… SO.DAMN.GOOD. They are only found at Coles but 10000% worth the trip for because I am 10/10 obsessed with the new ‘Gold Range’… Coles also has bomb ice cream flavours so ya know, I got time for that detour. Flavour wise I would rate the Salted Caramel first, the White Chocolate Raspberry Acai second, Raspberry Truffle third and the Chocolate Mint & Brownie Crunch equal fourth. They are super calorie friendly sitting at 130-140 cals for a bar and around 12g protein. Highly, HIGHLY recommend ya’ll… And that’s big for me to say because I’m no doubt a protein bar abuser.



Unless you live under a rock or in like Queanbeyan or something, I’m nearly sure you’ve tried Quest at some point. They are delicious but there are definitely some flavours that shit all over the others and I’ve listed them in order of my preference.

  1. Cookies & Cream
  2. Cookie Dough
  3. White Choc Raspberry
  4. Mint Chocolate Chip – seriously, if you don’t like mint… DO NOT BOTHER. I know people who can’t stand mint and still buy the box and then complain it tastes too much like mint… Dis ma face 😐
  5. Smores
  6. PB & jelly.
  7. Coconut Cashew
  8. Cinnamon

So, pretty much all the ones that involve some form of chunky chocolate. Go to Iherb if you’re from Australia and add two boxes and get free shipping… ❤ Don’t say I don’t tell ya’ll my secrets.


Aussie Bodies – Crunch/Fibre range

These babies are new out in Woolworths and definitely worth a try if you don’t like typical protein bars. They are more of a crunchy type bar and don’t hurt your jaw after half a chew. Flavour wise the Rocky Road and Cranberry ones are my favourite followed closely by the Honey almond. Super macro friendly and super delish!


Muscle Pharm – Combat Crunch

These ones are the new kids on the block for me (the new kid I don’t beat up though because I like them) and flavour wise they may just beat Quest. I’ve only tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the Cinnamon Swirl but they are 9.87/10. Different texture to all of the above and more of a typical protein bar but the taste wins me over and I can handle the lock jaw at the end. Only place I have found these are Iherb and Nutrition Warehouse, for my fellow Canberrans.


Sweet Leaf – Stevia drops

BOMB. These are so handy in prep it is not even funny. If you have oats/coffee/smoothies and need something tasty, pop a few drops of these babies in and it changes it completely. I love the toffee flavour in my banana smoothie bowls and coffee! Again, Iherb or Vitacost have these… Darn you Australia.


Cottee’s – Sugarfree water drops

I didn’t water load in prep but man oh man, ya’ll who do need to jump on this bandwagon. The strawberry flavour and orange pineapple have changed my Winter life. Play around with how many drops you put in because the back displays 24 servings but so does my family size Mac & Cheese and I can down that in 3 mins… I say at tops, 18.


Vitarium – Sugar Free mixes.

Yes, I know it displays ‘Kids’ on the label which is kind of fitting for my height BUT every day in prep I would calculate 250ml of Almond milk into my totals, add a few teaspoons of the chocolate flavour and BAM – calorie friendly hot choc! I also use them in smoothie bowls to enhance the flavour and literally sprinkle the powder on rice cakes and fruit as well. Worth the price! Woolworths, again. (Woolworths seriously, I don’t even want your sponsorship, I just want Lindt Chocolates, help a brother out.)

psta sauee

Macro – Pasta sauce

Yas, this baby. Most delicious pasta sauce if you are looking for something with minimal ingredients and on the lower calorie end of the scale. Then put the following food find on top…


Kraft – Higher protein cheese

Pizza, omelettes, pasta, straight into the mouth… whatever floats your boat, this will make that shit float.


Cellucor – Whey

I love Cellucor. I love the taste, I love the texture and I love the consistency! I don’t know about you but most of the time (like 99.9876) I don’t drink it plain with water, ever. I usually pop it in a smoothie, in some oats or even with some cereal. Cellucor is perfect for all of the above. Flavour wise I dig the Cinnamon Swirl in my oats closely followed by the Peanut Butter. For smoothies, my all time favourite is Choc Mint because I am a freakin’ fiend for anything of that flavour and Confetti Cake Batter is also nice if you like sweet stuff.


Optimum Nutrition – Whey

ON is definitely one of the most consistently delicious brands that I have tried. They have nailed the Double Choc and fruity flavours hands down so if you like to have a nice tasting shake post workout, this is your brand! Their Casein is also a really nice mix although in my opinion, casein is a waste of money.


Giant Sports – Delicious protein

This is my favourite vanilla out there but it broke my heart when I heard they were in the middle of a lawsuit because there labeling was wrong haha. But if you want something purely for taste, this is your guy. The BEST iced coffee is made with this protein – 1 scoop powder + 250ml almond milk + 1 shot caramel coffee + one teaspoon stevia + ice cubes = ermagehd. It’s a thicker protein consistency which I personally enjoy and works really well in baking as well.

Just FYI, these things won’t magically change your life and you won’t end up looking like Jen Selter in the morning (you’ll need butt implants for that one). A lot of them act as a supplement to your everyday life. Eat your vegetables, eat for performance and treat yourself in moderation = life rules.

 Hope this has helped some of you girls out there asking me to give you a review on bars/powders/general prep savers!

And if not,

… Uh, dog.

All my <3,

The protein bar addicted goofball who can’t jump for a photo.

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One thought on “Product Reviews

  1. Oh my god those Bar Counter bars are the bomb!!! I am TOTALLY addicted to the salted caramel ones, and when they go on sale for only $2 each I literally buy every single one. My PT has had to stage an intervention because between those and Quest bars, I am basically a walking protein bar, haha!


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