Lets Get Real

I want you to stop for a minute and just think about who you are.

Strip back the gym. Strip back your PB’s. Strip back whether you’re a clean eater, flexible dieter, paleo lover, whatever. Strip away all that for one little moment and think about what gives you substance.

Who the heck are you? (if you’re Ryan Reynolds, feel free to contact me.)

For me this is easy, I did a whole blog post about that before. But what I didn’t mention is that I can be a complete and utter stress head, stubborn as hell sometimes, a little too loud and on occasion a little too quiet. I always look at the menu before I go somewhere, take a few too many pictures and don’t give myself enough credit sometimes.

But you know what else… I am also a boss at pulling hilarious faces, rate myself a high 10 when I sing at the top of my lungs to old school Taylor Swift, can down a cappuccino in 2.75 seconds, am fiercely independent and would place money on it that I can make you laugh.

I own ALL of the above because at the end of the day, they make me – ME. I admit that I have many things I need to work on but at the same time, can say out loud that there are some things about myself that I fucking love. I’m 100% real about not only the ‘positives’ but also the ‘negatives’ that come with having me as your bud/partner in crime/insta pal and can say without a doubt that I portray these things on all platforms. I have no problem telling you that comp prep, for me, wasn’t all poopin’ rainbows and sunshine nor do I have a problem telling you that I’m pretty bad at dealing with grief. I will let you in, share my experiences and show who I am because that’s whats raw about me. And at the end of the day, all of that is real.

And you know what people reaaallly appreciate…

People who are real.

So, why is there so much fake BS when I scroll my Facebook and Instagram feed…

I get it, “Oh but Schae people are just trying to be positive and positive is sah inspiring.”

Yeah cool, let me put this into perspective for you right now about a situation that has occurred one too many times for my liking…

Coffee shop. Me. Another person. Coffee. Rough situation. Venting. Coffee. Me trying to help. Tears. Me trying to help. Help working. Coffee. Hugs. Goodbyes. Invested time and feelings. 5 mins later – A freakin’ photo of them sugarcoating that issue with some bullshit generic google quote about how motivation is found from your freakin’ left side pinky toe… No, no, no bloody no.

That’s not real. And I don’t appreciate that.

I’m all for being positive, go for flippin’ gold, but more often than not the line is crossed between being positive and flat out lying. And for freakin’ what? A post that gets maybe 100 likes? When is enough, enough? I personally would rather you be honest about a situation and share your struggles (if you are comfortable in doing so) because THAT’S what people need to read and relate too.

Not this… “Like oh ma gawd, our ab ligaments like totally look the same bae… bae, bae bae.”

Get me a freakin’ bucket. Actually don’t… I’ll get it myself because this is the stubborn Schae kicking in.

Quit sugarcoating, ya’ll. LIFE CAN BE TOUGH. Situations can be hard and nobody who deserves your time will judge you for that. I will say it again and stress it till I can stress it no more…

These times are relateable.

These times are the ones that people will truly find inspiring, helpful, worthwhile

Not some perfectly timed, sunlit photo of your glute/ab progress which you nearly shat in your pants for.

Be you, be real, and for the love of my already thin hair, please quit sugarcoating bullshit, fitness related or not. The people you surround yourself with will support you (assuming they are good people.) They will appreciate you for the person you were literally put on this earth to be, wannabe Taylor Swift back up singer/dancer/main squeeze and all.

All my love and bad cussing habits,

Beyonschae… Because I’m feeling fucking sassy.

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