4 Tips For The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas/New Years time, friends! *inserts cheers, hi-5’s and back flips* … I can’t actually back flip but if you can do all three of those things simultaneously, I’ll make some room on my iPhone (big deal, okay) for you to send me a video, please. The holiday season is one of my favourite times […]

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A Letter To My Pre-Fitness Self

The beautiful Joelle, @femmefitale, started a series of blog posts a couple of months ago with letters to our ‘pre-fitness’ selves (you can read them here, http://femmefitale.com/). I have literally drafted one a million times and deleted all of them, but this morning felt right. So, here I am. Enjoy. Well, uh, hi there (I wish I could […]

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The Judgement Cycle

Nothing in this industry is black and white, I think I’m safe to say we should all know this by now. Yet every single day, I see more and more people take either side of the spectrum (quite defensively) in relation to a whole range of topics within the fitness industry. While it is absolutely fine […]

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8 Things To Expect Post Comp

Well, hello again. Firstly, I definitely need to say a big thank you to all ya’ll. I had no freakin’ idea my last article would blow up like that, seriously… More people than the population of Wagga Wagga read my article, google it, kinda cool, kinda mind blowing, kinda wtf just happened. From all the […]

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Taking Five – Nicole Leadbeatter

Whenever this girl pops up in conversation, regardless of who you’re chatting too,  it is usually filled with the words gorgeous, friendly, kind, fit, mega babe (this one always coming from me, especially) and extremely hardworking – which is exactly why I approached Nicole for an interview for the bloggie this week. So, if you don’t know […]

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