Recipes For Health: Banana Bread That You Will Actually Enjoy

Morning my loves, hope you all enjoyed a nice long weekend if you’re in Aus! I got down to the coast and spent some time with my family and partner before coming home and catching up with friends/shopping/training and surprisingly, resting! My resting involved some cooking which inspired me to write this post today because […]

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Reverse Dieting – Week 1

Okay… Hi 🙂 I’m going to try make these weekly check in’s short and sweet but this one may be a little longer because I have a lot to say (…uhm actually, what’s new haha). So, I completed my first week of my ‘reverse diet’ and imma be real with you right now, it was […]

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Well, hello there! I have finally been able to sit down, relax a little and get back into my little blogging mind frame (you’re going to be sick of me in a week). My mind is seriously racing! I have SO many things I want to share so be prepared to see a lot of […]

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Hi There… Remember Me?

Yeah, me… HI! So, a lot has been going on lately. And honestly, I really haven’t had it in me to post about it. For the past two weeks I haven’t even logged on to my blog once to see how my stats were going, if I had any new followers, create a draft, nothing, […]

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Update – Week 14

Howdy ya’ll! Hope we are all having a nice start to the week. I am back at work today which means back into the long days and routine of it all! Food is prepped, week is planned out & I am damn excited! I am super dooper happy to say that my week last week […]

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Update – Week 13

So… this blog post is a little behind, trust me, I know. But there is a part of me that really isn’t sorry about it and you will find out why. To begin with, stats! Weight: Annoyingly still 51kgs Waist Circumference: 62.50cm Macros 5x per week: Macros 5x per week: 110 P, 120 C, 40 F […]

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Update – Week 12

Ola everybody! And a happy Monday to those of ya’ll in Aus. It feels like only yesterday that I was typing away my last update but nevertheless I am still excited to share with you guys how my week went. Lets get to it! This weeks stats: Weight: 51kgs Waist Circumference: 63.00cm Macros 5x per […]

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Update – Week 11

Hi hi everybody! Comp is fast approaching and I am currently 7 weeks out (eek)! So. darn. EXCITED! Everything is officially sorted… flights, accommodation (thanks to my beautiful aunty), bikinis, tan, hair/makeup, you name it and I have organised it! So, all I need to do now is stick to my diet and training for […]

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