Taking Five – Emily Duncan

Every so often you come across someone in the fitness industry, or life in general, whose character shines so brightly and so genuinely that you just want to share them with the world… For me, Emily Duncan falls smack bang in that category. I’m going to keep this spiel short because I went a liiiittle […]

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A Bittersweet Farewell To 2015

2015 was my biggest year to date. It was the year I decided to compete, start this blog, pursue powerlifting, invest myself appropriately, start my fitness certs, learn to be vulnerable, write an article that was read 60k times, share my story, take 34873 photos of my puppy, and last but definitely not least… It […]

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4 Tips For The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas/New Years time, friends! *inserts cheers, hi-5’s and back flips* … I can’t actually back flip but if you can do all three of those things simultaneously, I’ll make some room on my iPhone (big deal, okay) for you to send me a video, please. The holiday season is one of my favourite times […]

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A Letter To My Pre-Fitness Self

The beautiful Joelle, @femmefitale, started a series of blog posts a couple of months ago with letters to our ‘pre-fitness’ selves (you can read them here, http://femmefitale.com/). I have literally drafted one a million times and deleted all of them, but this morning felt right. So, here I am. Enjoy. Well, uh, hi there (I wish I could […]

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