50 Things You Should Probably Know By Now

1. Look after your body, always! Look after it physically, look after it emotionally, look after it mentally, look after it INTERNALLY, just bloody look after it, kay? 2. Social media does not define you, period. You are not worth any more or any less based upon the amount of followers  or ‘friends’ you have. […]

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Life Lately

I have been stuck… For a damn day and a half. This is my 7th draft that I have started and I have literally glued myself to the screen in the bid to finish it. “Oh but Schae, if you’re not inspired, then don’t try and write.” I hear ya, little Schae on my shoulder […]

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Taking Five – Ryan Doris

Hello hello! Long time no speak…BUT, I have exciting news so that just about makes up for it! Introducing a new segment I have been wanting to do for a long time on ze blog… You ready? FRIDAY FIVE! *crickets* Yes, I know you don’t know what that means because I essentially made it up, […]

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The Beast Of Beauty

I’ve wanted to speak about this for a really long time *throat clearing*… but until a few weeks ago, it just hadn’t quite clicked! I mean, it made sense, sure, but not in the way that it does now… I want to talk about self-love/beauty/perception. We all know it’s important, we deal with it every day, […]

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Reverse Dieting – Week 1

Okay… Hi 🙂 I’m going to try make these weekly check in’s short and sweet but this one may be a little longer because I have a lot to say (…uhm actually, what’s new haha). So, I completed my first week of my ‘reverse diet’ and imma be real with you right now, it was […]

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Well, hello there! I have finally been able to sit down, relax a little and get back into my little blogging mind frame (you’re going to be sick of me in a week). My mind is seriously racing! I have SO many things I want to share so be prepared to see a lot of […]

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Hi There… Remember Me?

Yeah, me… HI! So, a lot has been going on lately. And honestly, I really haven’t had it in me to post about it. For the past two weeks I haven’t even logged on to my blog once to see how my stats were going, if I had any new followers, create a draft, nothing, […]

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Update – Week 14

Howdy ya’ll! Hope we are all having a nice start to the week. I am back at work today which means back into the long days and routine of it all! Food is prepped, week is planned out & I am damn excited! I am super dooper happy to say that my week last week […]

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Update – Week 13

So… this blog post is a little behind, trust me, I know. But there is a part of me that really isn’t sorry about it and you will find out why. To begin with, stats! Weight: Annoyingly still 51kgs Waist Circumference: 62.50cm Macros 5x per week: Macros 5x per week: 110 P, 120 C, 40 F […]

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