Finger Lickin’ Basil Pesto

First recipe post for the blog so I decided to share one of my all time favourites, Basil Pesto! More often than not, when you find this in the supermarket aisle it literally has a million and one useless ingredients, USELESS. Healthy is simple and simple is healthy, always remember that! I have made this […]

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10 Tips on Fitness and The Gym

1. You will need to find your ‘groove’ in training. By saying this I just mean you will need to find what works for YOU, not the girl in the squat rack doing hip thrusters supersetted with one legged deadlifts supersetted with a backflip haha. But seriously, do whatever it is that gets you excited […]

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2015 – My first update

We are well and truly into our first two months of 2015 (what the frig), time is most definitely not slowing down!┬áSo, I figured it would be a good time to share what one of my main goals is for 2015 and also post my first update on where I’m at with it all! At […]

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